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Shared account which is Wordpress -friendly
Two hosts are in my mind: and - and I wonder which plan the best is for hosting a Wordpress blog?
I can say OpenVZ VPS hosting service has been excellent and top notice thus far. They give a more complete answer to technical questions then the Live help. I've mailed a few questions and one was answered within 24 hours, and the others within 2 hours. That's good..!
Have a look at shared plans from and as theya re full-featured and cheap.
Their Customer Support team has always been reliable and well-informed. The price is affordable. You may have to wait to be attended to at times, but every problem is quickly fixed. If you’re just starting your business online, save time and money by signing up for their packages.
I have seen many providers like or have separated packages designed especially for Wordpress hosting. I think that would be a good idea to check such companies.
The services that offers are really excellent and cheap. Support is all important to me, I do not know a lot but want to do so much, they help me along the road all the way.
#6 has been a wonderful host. Their support has always been responsive, they don't lock down the server to the point of uselessness, and the connection speeds are much better than my previous host. Highly recommend this web host!

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