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What host is better? US server location
Would like to host e-commerce site.
US server location. Require 50 gbs of HD + upgrade in future.
What host is better? Any info on web hosting provider?
Where can I read true reviews about them?
Without doubt, you will make the right decision going with to host your site, big or small!
Price is great, reliability is great and I would definitely recommend them to others.
Give a try. The technical guys are very helpful, professional and courteous.
Very responsive to all of my questions even before I signed up. Sign up and transfer was very smooth, and my email has never been better.
The best servers are available form and
They provide very knowledgeable support: they are available 24 hours a day. Respond to ticket (or chat) in few minutes and the operators are accurate and competent. Fast servers and 100% uptime.
I'd draw your attention to deals from and
The staff are really helpful and very easy to contact. You don't have to wait for hours to contact them.
I'd also recommend servers. Their experts are able to help you with everything you may need (scripts installation, etc.) for free.
I'd draw your attention to servers from and as they are well-balanced and cheap.
I have found these guys very competent & dedicated. As far as the price is concerned, they are quite good in price & offering very cheap rates to customers with great response & services.
It seems you can have that server from here for less than $90 per month:

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