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Best Cooler With Wheels: The 5 Options That Are Worth A Try
If you are fond of outdoor activities, you know how difficult it is to lift and carry a heavy cooler with you. So, what is the solution?

What you should do is pick the best coolers with wheels. Afterward, you will no longer have to worry about holding things when you are going backpacking, camping, etc. Nonetheless, we understand that looking for the best wheeled coolers. Therefore, after doing careful research, we will show you the five options that are worth a try.

Without further ado, let's jump right into this article!

Top 5 Best Coolers With Wheels

1. Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Cooler

Starting our list today is one of the contestants for the best rolling coolers on the market - the Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Cooler.

First, the Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Cooler consists of high-quality wheels and a telescoping handle, making it easy to transport from one place to another. It also comes with a 42-can holding capacity that provides extra storage space for your food and drinks.

In addition, this wheeled cooler is extremely user-friendly. The interior of the cooler is protected by a thick plastic liner that keeps your food and drinks from being messed up during the transporting process. The liner's material makes it easy to clean; it also can resist mold and mildew very well.

Though this cooler is large, its wheels are quite small. Therefore, it will easily tip over to one side when it is full.

What We Like
  • Easy to clean
  • The handle is versatile
  • Durable construction
What We Don't Like
  • The wheels could be larger
[Image: AAScoW9.jpg]

2. Travel5.0 Picnic Rolling Cooler

Among the best-rated coolers on wheels for picnics, the Travel5.0 Picnic Rolling Cooler is an option that won't leave you disappointed. Not only does it come in handy when you are on a picnic but you can also take advantage of this unit in other situations.

First and foremost, it comes with a large top pocket for storing food, a wide front pocket, and two side pockets. These pockets allow you to store not only food and drinks but also many other items that you will want for picnics, camping trips, etc.

What else? This cooler features an adjustable telescopic handle that is suitable for people of different heights, and there are two rubber roller skate wheels on each side of it. The wheels roll well and quietly, and they can resist occasional bumps.

The drawback? This model must stay upright. That’s because the zipper isn't insulated and will likely leak as soon as water reaches it.

What We Like
  • Compact design
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Easy to arrange food, drinks, etc
What We Don't Like
  • The cooler must stay upright
3. Igloo Ice Cube Roller

Another best roller cooler is the Igloo Ice Cube Roller.

This model offers a 60-quart storage capacity and a holding capacity of 32 cans (or more).

Its sturdiness is really impressive. Thanks to the cubital shape, the Igloo Ice Cube Roller is more durable than other coolers of its class, and the cooler can withstand anything you put it through. Furthermore, this unit features heavy-duty wheels, which can roll over rough ground without difficulty.

However, as the manufacturer's instructions state, you should not sit on this cooler. The cooler can hold your weight, but the lid can't. Once you sit on it, the lid will probably crack. Then the effectiveness of the cooler will be significantly reduced.

What We Like
  • Large holding capacity
  • Impressive sturdiness
  • Well-priced
What We Don't Like
  • This cooler easily gets heavy when it is full
4. Collegiate Rolling Cooler

When mentioning top-rated coolers with wheels on the market, we definitely should not forget the Collegiate Rolling Cooler, as it is a great choice for those who love traveling.

Like the second option above, it consists of an adjustable telescopic handle that is suitable for both short and tall people. In addition, it includes a 24-can holding capacity.

We are impressed by this model, especially due to the backpack straps that allow you to carry it comfortably whenever you can't roll it. The wheels of this unit are sturdy but adding the straps makes it even more versatile than other coolers. You can lift and carry it when you trek through the forest or hit the beach, where the wheels won’t be very useful.

However, it has a limited cooling period of up to 12 hours, which means your food and drinks can stay cold for only approximately half a day.

What We Like
  • Versatile
  • High portability
  • Easy to lift and carry
What We Don't Like
  • Its cooling period can last only up to 12 hours
5. Igloo Marine Ultra

[Image: eeAMHul.jpg]

Before finishing our list today, let's come to another best roller cooler - the Igloo Marine Ultra.

One of the reasons we like it is that this model comes with soft-ride wheels, making it roll smoothly and quietly, even when it is packed. This allows you to roll the cooler behind you without having to hear the unpleasant squeak of the wheels whenever they turn.

How about the downside? This cooler's lid isn't insulated. In fact, while its cooling period can last up to two or three days, an insulated lid could lengthen that cooling period. However, though the lid doesn’t insulate very well, it has an outstanding design that matches the cooler perfectly.

What We Like
  • High-quality wheels
  • Its cooling period lasts up to two or three days
  • Suitable for an urban environment
What We Don't Like
  • Its lid isn't insulated
Wrapping Up

All in all, despite some drawbacks in function, Best Ice Cooler Reviews - Top Best Ice Chests And Cooler the five best rolling coolers above are no doubt must-have products if you are going to take part in any outdoor activities. Available at an affordable price, they will offer you a lot of extra space to store your necessities.

I hope that this article helps you find a suitable rolling cooler that meets your needs.

Thank you for reading.

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