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How to buy the best hard coolers
When you go on long trips on various roads or travel through trails using tents or boats, it is necessary to bring a high-quality cooler rather than a standard cooler. You will need the best coolers for camping that can withstand the harshest environments.

Without the coolers, your food or drink can go rotten. That’s why a lot of people are searching for the best hard coolers on the market. You should ensure that your cooler should be long-lasting for many of your trips over the years. Here are five essential key points to consider before you buy a new cooler:

[Image: pgV7Ill.jpg]

Size matters

If you are a couple, you might be better off selecting a cooler with a smaller capacity. But you have a large family, then you’d better choose a large size. Make sure that the cooler offers the portable option for maximum flexibility.

How to choose the right capacity?

There are several sizes of coolers which can be confusing. Hence, understanding each size cooler can help you save money and your strength. Besides the capacity, there are also different shapes. For instance, hard-sided coolers are used mostly by plenty of families, while the smaller soft-sided coolers are more suitable with tailgate parties. Remember that the larger it is, the heavier it will be. It might become inconvenient for you if there is too much food and drink. As long as you travel with your family or friends, it will be not a big deal. According to research, following guide will give you some hints about how to pick the right size:

20-Quart: holds roughly 16 cans or 20 pounds of ice

35-Quart: holds approximately 21 cans or 26 pounds of ice

50-Quart: holds about 35 cans or 43 pounds of ice; ideal for two people for a few days

75-Quart: holds approximately 57 cans or 70 pounds of ice; suitable for two people for a week-long trip, or a family weekend trip.

Choose the right brand

Great brands have a good reputation for reliability, but others don’t. The best solution is to read cooler reviews on several websites to get the feel. However, keep in mind that many people write reviews only when their cooler is damaged. Honestly, it is difficult to find good reviews about coolers on the Internet. Hence, you should not assume immediately about the brands if they have negative reviews.


Although it is not a big decision to buy a cooler, no one expects to buy a cooler every year. Therefore, it is imperative to do proper research before making any purchase. There are plenty of best hard coolers at affordable prices on various e-commerce websites. Moreover, you can get some good offers to save some of your hard-earned money if you buy these products during the holiday season.

Understand deeply about coolers

Most of the coolers today are rotomolded coolers. That explains why a variety of the coolers produced today are harder, more substantial, and more expensive than some of the coolers you used to get in the past. Thanks to rotational molds in the manufacturing process, there is a heating process which involves filling the cavity of the cooler mold with powdered plastic material. The mold spins on two axes when the plastic is heating. After that, the mold finishes melting and filling every cavity in the hollow mold. It continually helps the plastic resin spread smoothly and evenly due to the centrifugal force created while spinning. It leads to a single-piece of plastic to be created into the desired shape entirely. Rotomolding upgrades all of the traits to show the standard of quality in today’s coolers. They all have long durability and higher ice retention.

How to take advantage of coolers

To achieve the greatest output of your cooler, you should chill it for 24 hours before you carry it around. You can add more ice packs to your cooler thereby reducing the internal temperature of the cooler. As you’re ready to pack it just before you leave, you can throw away the old ice cubes and add new ones to the cooler. By doing so, the ice cubes will provide longer retention and give you a longer cooling period.

How to carry your cooler precisely

[Image: 3VaWjTG.jpg]

First, cover the ice cubes at the bottom of your cooler. This will help the ice cubes stay longer and also protect it from the least-insulated corners.

Then, place solid blocks of ice in your cooler if you can. These solid blocks will keep the cold in for a longer time.

Next, fill to ice packs into the gaps. Place several ice cubes on top of the ice blocks to cover any gaps or holes.

The next step is adding your foods and drink. It is necessary to arrange these things in the right way. In other words, don’t merely make a mess of everything inside. You can arrange them neatly in order. This will help you spend less time with the cooler and have more time to enjoy with your family.

Finally, cover the rest of the cooler with ice packs. You can also add some ice cubes on the top, and it is ready to take anywhere. If you want to keep it cold for a long time, you should open the cooler only when you need to.

What is the best cooler?

This is one of the most popular questions when anyone considers the hard plastic in case they drop it. We will suggest the best hard-sided cooler that has robust quality, to ensure your supplies can’t be dropped.

And my answer is Yeti Tundra Haul. Rather costly it may be, but you can place six frozen bottles of water in this cooler on Monday, and they will stay frozen until Thursday even when in 90-degree temperatures. Due to the hard plastic, it can’t break if you drop it. It also comes with wheels which roll ever so quietly and smoothly. It is also among Cooler reviews consumer reports, which is an excellent option for those who search for the best hard coolers.

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