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How to Fix AOL Mail not Sending and Receiving Email
Email is an important means of communication since it allows you to stay in touch with your family and friends. People also use email for professional correspondence and as a way to connect with clients and business partners. Since people are so dependent on email services to communicate with their contact, it can be quite frustrating when your email service encounters an error that prevents you from sending or receiving new messages. AOL email will sometimes display this type of error, and most people are not sure about what to do. Ideally, when you cannot send or receive emails on your AOL mail account, you should call the AOL customer support number and speak to a trained expert in order to fix the error as soon as possible. However, since this type of error can affect your productivity, it may be worth your while to try and troubleshoot the problem on your own so that you save time. This article will give you an insight into the different cause of the error and will provide you with a few steps you can implement to fix the email error.

Reasons for not receiving AOL emails

-The mail may include a file format not supported by AOL
-IMAP and POP settings are incorrect and do not match AOL server settings
-Anti-virus or firewall application does not allow AOL to run smoothly
-AOL cannot load since the browser is cluttered with too many cookies
-The email sender is mistakenly blocked by AOL spam filter

Reasons for not sending AOL emails

-Email attachment you want to send is too large
-You have sent too many spam mail, and your AOL account is blocked
-The person you want to send the email has blocked your account
-You did not type the recipient’s email address correctly
-The SMTP settings are invalid and do not match AOL

Steps to Resolve AOL not Sending and Receiving Email

Once you are able to identify the cause of the AOL mail error, it becomes easier to implement the relevant solution to address that cause and fix the error. Here are some simple suggestions you can use to fix AOL not sending or receiving email error:

Step 1: Check your network connection and contact your internet service provider to make sure the internet speed is stable so AOL can load quickly
Step 2: Clear the cache memory of your browser and delete the cookies before you log in to your AOL email account
Step 3: Temporarily disable your firewall and anti-virus software then try opening AOL. Remember to enable it as soon as the AOL issue is resolved.
Step 4: Review the server and port settings on your email client to make sure you configured AOL correctly.

If you still cannot send or receive emails even after implementing the steps mentioned above you can call the AOL tech support phone number and consult a certified professional to see if you can apply more advanced troubleshooting steps.

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