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Rule Suggestion.
I've seen a lot of posts asking things like "Why is HF down?" or, "I'm getting an error when I go to HF, what's wrong?". Honestly, I'm really tired of it. Could an official rule or something be made that prohibits this? I mean, it should at least go in the OSHIT area, not Site News and Feedback.

Also, I think violators of this rule should be subject to a lengthy ban or something. Most of them come here, post that, leave, and never contribute to the forum.
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I agree with this wholeheartedly. Whenever people post these topics, they're usually just told that this isn't the place to discuss HF's status, and the topic is closed or moved. I think there should be a rule against it, so that offenders can't claim they didn't know.
I know it's annoying but I prefer not to make everything that annoys us into a rule.
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Maybe, instead of a rule, just add it to the rules and guidelines section. Something along the lines of not discussing HF here. More of a guideline though, no need for a rule.
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