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Premium reseller hosting accounts?
looking for premium reseller hosting account:
100 gbs of Hard Disk, 3 TBs of bandwidth,Linux.
How is and their reseller hosting deals?
What are your views? What host would you choose? Why?
Any discounts or promos?
They have nice reputation, but still recommend you to give a try. They offer cPanel reseller hosting at good rates.
I call it all-inclusive hosting provider with professional 24/7 customer support team.
I've been with for over 8 months. Contact their sales rep for discount codes.
They respond quickly with all questions answered. They offer really nice features within their hosting plans, their tools and scripts are very useful.
Reseller plans which and can be good for you.
Amazing tech service and overall excellent customer care. I recommend them to everyone looking for a dependable web host.
I can recommend reseller hosting accounts.
Long term experience with hosting has taught me that the most important thing is quality of service, particularly quality of support.
They are great!

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