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I don't see the point of another PM blast on HF, everyone already knows about this site.
You will only inform new members of HF who will most probably misunderstand this site.
I would say let us work together as a community and make a really attractive banner, as most people on here have blogs sites and such stuff we could easy bring new people instead of "evacuating" HF members, but otherwise I would agree to Grizzly.

I don't think that there would be any harm in doing a little advertisng
of SF at HF, whether it is done via PM's or e-mail.

Because of the nature of this site, I'm guessing that the more unpleasant,
skiddie element, will probably stay away from here, because they won't be allowed to discuss the types of things that they may be allowed to at HF.

Maybe if that point was made clear in the message, then it may help
out somewhat, towards attracting more reasonable new members here,
who may be also new to HF and don't know about this site yet.

Awards are fine as well to mention imo, as it gives a bit of an incentive
for folks to tend to try their best.

I don't know if there are any possible plans for the future,
that may include allowing members to post threads at HF,
containing links to this site, (maybe not vice versa), as that may also generate some interest
among some new members at HF about this site, because if there is no permanent link set up there,
advertising SF, then then the newer members at HF may not get to hear about this site until possibly later.
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Quote:I don't see the point of another PM blast on HF, everyone already knows about this site.

When we first started the theme was not 100% nor were the forum categories. Some may have just glanced and seen an empty forum and clicked away. We have 30,000 posts now and daily activity. It's also a more attractive site imho. So a 2nd blast may be effective in getting more sustainable traffic and members.

We have about 6 weeks under our belt but I think we need something to boost us so we last 6 more weeks with good traffic. I think that's what it will take to start having Google rank us better. We have many pages indexed and our Alexa is slowly growing but I'd like to see us rank higher for more keywords. We are sandboxed and I want us out. Best method is to bring in more traffic.
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(11-19-2009, 02:14 PM)PaNiK Wrote: Well, at least MagicSpeed can come be our Lounge whore.

MagicSpeed isn't welcome anywhere.
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I think you should do another PM blast for sure. the sign-ups have slowed down a lot.
I have definitely noticed the slow down. I have actually not been on as much as I used to be because I was out of town for a while. I think another PM blast at HF is a good idea for sure.
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Blast another Mass PM, and do the same for each of your forums. Also, maybe set an announcement. They seem to work.
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A Mass e-mail would be more effective.
(11-18-2009, 06:25 PM)R3c0nna1ssanc3 Wrote: I dont think a PM blast would hurt but I think if you do a mass email you may get a better response.

That would be annoying.

May I suggest a mass PM along with a referral contest or something.
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E-mail Blast
Private Message
Then make a Sticky Announcement

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