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InstaPush for MyBB
I've been asking around for a while now and haven't gotten any helpful responses. This service just came out a little while ago and I haven't seen anything for mybb for it. I'm not the best at coding, but check it out:

It's a free service that just requires some coding, but it sends push notifications to your phone or smart device whenever any specific action has been taken on your website. i'm trying to find something for a couple of various actions:

Private Messages
New Thread Created in Specific Forum

In addition, this can be used for other awesome functions on different mybb websites. Take a look. If you know how to make a plugin for this or if there even isn't a plugin needed then I'd like to know please. Thank you!!!

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The website looks pretty good, great work!
Overall your web site is rather attractive.
Yes ....i agree with you....and thanks or sharing.

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