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Making LED Motorcycle Blinkers
Hello Community,

LED motorcycle turn signals are brighter, and as a result safer than traditional turn signal bulbs. But they also have been consistently proven to last longer than standard bulbs. Installation of replacement LED light bulbs is easy and quick, as opposed to when LED motorcycle lighting was first introduced. Then, it was necessary to retrofit the electrical system of the motorcycle to utilize LED bulbs. Here are some instructions for making LED motorcycle blinkers.

1. Remove the turn signal lens by unscrewing the two small retainer screws located in the lens. The signal lens is fitted with a rubber gasket to prevent water entering the light housing, so when the screws are removed, pull the lens out of the housing and away from the gasket.
2. Remove the stock turn signal bulb by pressing in on it and turning in a counter clockwise direction. This will loosen the bulb from the socket so that you can pull it out.
3. Apply a small amount of dielectric grease to the socket of the LED light bulb to help prevent moisture from entering and corroding the electrical connection. Turn the LED light in a clockwise direction until it clicks into place in the socket.
4. Reinstall the tail light lens, and replace the screws which secure it into place on the turn signal housing.

Best Regards,
Anthony Martello
Would love to see a final pcture when you have them done!

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