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Need a new browser.
Google Chrome is superior to other browsers.
[Image: QRCjW2pNdRK00.gif]
I can only recommend you "Mozilla Firefox" Smile

[Image: UTLN2.gif]
I would recommend you chrome very good browser Smile
My profession, you can call me a pothead, 'nuff said
(11-29-2011, 03:24 AM)Jackson Wrote: That was a bit of a bump, Rainbow Dash.
I suggest NEVER USING IE or Chrome. If you need a new browser choose Firefox, it is powerful fast and made to suit anyone.
Sorry i need to bump this again (not that much just days not months) but Google Chrome is faster than Firefox IMO i switched from Firefox to Google Chrome.

Google Chrome all the way bro. Chrome is also good for games as well... It's actually funny because Avast said chrome was a trojan... lol... silly avast.

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