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MyBB Twitter Plugin like on SF.
Hello folks I've been searching for the twitter plugin that SF & HF has but found nothing I would like to request you to help me out a bit like
recommend on a good site were I can run a search on or post a direct link,
and one last question: With this plugin is it available to make it like only for a specific group? not for all the users only for like VIP or something.

Thanks ahead Smile
I am also very interested in finding this plugin for my own forum.
I think that it's this one:
Perfect plugin by Irreligious. Smile
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Well it's by Jesse not Irreligious, but anyway big thanks Irreligious! saved my day xD
That's 1.4 plugin Tongue
You'll have to modify it to work with 1.6.x
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.

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