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What is your favorite movie?
Hard to choose. There are so many genres! But my picks for each would be:

- Comedy: The Naked Gun (any)
- Action: Pulp Fiction
- Drama: Bucket List
- Other: Memento [really, really recommend it]
Harry Potter movies were and are my favorite movies.
[Image: i0VVuh9kratzw.gif]
Shawshankk Redemption or Ghost Rider.
Mine is The Hunger Games all the way. ✔
The Godfather Part I and Part II.
That's a hard one, Probably Due Date.
I'd say of recent "The Prestige" has been my fav movie of the past 5 years.
Jurassic Park all the way. I have also taken a shine to "The Town"
The Condemned is a really good film. Also, American Pie movies are funny.
That's a tough question to answer, especially since I have watched so many movies. I would have to say 300.
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