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Radar Detectors
Anyone have any stories about their radar detectors? Tongue

I was going to get one but they are not legal where I live.



They are not legal in Europe, But you can buy special mirrors so you can't get caught.
Well it's often pretty helpful for me to remember to check my speed, it's saved me maybe once for sure when I was contemplating accelerating hard. I'm not a big speeder but even one save is worth it. But they're useless against laser and instant-on so it's not 100%.
My dad has one in all of the cars. The cops have never said anything.
They're legal here in BC and my brother bought me one. It's just a cobra, but it saved me on the highway one night when i was doing 20 over the limit. If they're legal where you're from buy one.
They are absolutely legal. You can buy them from online stores also. If they were not legal then how would these be sold openly? I'm also planning to have one in my car.

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