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I am in English class right now.
The teacher is discussing the book The Great Gatsby with us.
Now a girl wanted to use the restroom. So naturally she took the hall pass and started towards the door.
Keep in mind, she's just a normal girl. Average size maybe a little thinner.
Apparently she REALLY needed to go to the restroom.
Because when she turned the door handle, she RIPPED handle off!
So from quiet class, it went to BURSTING LAUGHTER.
Just wanted to share.
My teacher is now talking about drunk horses.
Always find it odd how kids find the most mundane things funny.
I imagine this girl will get a bit of stick for this now?
Man i am glad my school days are over.
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Your school sucks if that's the highlight of the day there.
Just sayin'.
That awkward moment where I'm unsure whether "she RIPPED handle off!" means she actually ripped the handle off the door or that the girl possibly farted or did her business in front of the class.
You mean she literally ripped the door handle off? What.
Yes. She literally ripped the handle off.
Maybe the handle was lose
or it wasn't connected properly. Or maybe she's a ninja.
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