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'Tracking' feature doesn't work.

Apparently the 'Tracking' feature isn't working.

Private message sent:

[Image: lEavn.png]

Private message received:

[Image: eTcda.png]

Message Tracking:

[Image: DIiZc.png]

[Image: q0yoN.png]

I did some research on SF and apparently it has not been noticed, so.

Are you sure you selected the tracking option while sending the message? Smile

[Image: f824c955f08d4f02a85b250.png]

Oh, damn. I'm too used to HF. Sorry.

Request to close the thread.
I was going to say it works fine for me.
Alas, glad to see it was a silly mistake.
[Image: QRCjW2pNdRK00.gif]

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