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One Thousand Facts.
11 is a channel IDK even know.
A developer, thinker & bliss guy that tries his hardest to enjoy life ~~~
(01-27-2012, 03:17 AM)AceInfinity Wrote: 2 people as a specific is definitely not a fact, I'm more than 99.99x10^infinity positively sure about that lol Smile

Here's a fact, I posted in this thread.

It would have been a fact if he would have rephrased it.

" ATLEAST two human beings will have a birthday today" And that is a fact.

Also if I would write "Letters will be written everyday for the next 2 days, that also would be a fact."

Also "I am bored" is my fact.
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13 is a unlucky number.
(03-09-2012, 01:22 AM)Diabolic Wrote: 13 is a unlucky number.

Not a fact, number is a number, number has no meaning regarding luck.
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15 is a number. Best fact yet. Smile
16th of February 1991, was the date I was born,
17 is the age I will be turning this year.
18 is the legal age to have sexy time in the US.
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There is a glacier at the equator on Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador.
20 cats will snuggle up to their mommies today.
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