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Favorite Genre of Music?
I like listening to Dubstep, Pop, Rock, pretty much anything that sounds good in my ears.

Even rap, jazz, or country can be good, depending on the singer, and song.

I like listening to song covers too, they make the song a lot different, and more interesting.
I think I'd have to say wubwubwubstep, it's a separate experience, unlike most music; I'm not saying it's better, but it is indeed different, and that, in my eyes (or should I say ears), makes it sound better.
Quaero gloria stellarum.
I list to ALL kinds of music, I truly love every genre.
I'd have to say techno.

That's it.
I love dubstep but my favourite has to be acoustic, I just love the sound of an acoustic guitar and the voice of the singer being complimented by it. A lot of people hate my music but I just love to mellow out to it.
I do also love stuff like this:

But acoustic is by far my favourite.
I like all genres personally though i hate them at the same time. The one i personally find the most pleasing is classical.
I actually like alot, but if I've had to go into details, I would've chosen Jedi Mind Tricks'ich music.
Hip-Hop and hard rock is my kind of music.
Then there are always the songs we would listen to before going out on patrol in Iraq which would be something like this

[Image: sfsig.png]
Rock and dubstep are my favorite 2 genres. I like almost anything except for classical and rap.
[Image: in2Z5.png]

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