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Favorite Genre of Music?
Rock, Pop, Techno, And metal mainly rave aswell
Metal for sure. Nothing comes close in my opinion.
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drum and bass definitely is my favorite genre.
(01-28-2012, 02:44 PM)AceInfinity Wrote: You should see my collection Smile All unique ones that are usually not seen around.

Screen shot them for me? I want to see which one's you've got. Smile
Have to say my favorite by far is War metal like so

Beyond that its any type of heavy metal and after that sometimes some country.
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Doesn't really matter for me, but mostly rock I guess.
Just everything as long as the song is good enoguh.
[Image: Nyan.jpg]
Drum and bass, drumstep, dubstep, house, funk, 80's/90's, old hip-hop, rnb
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My favorites would basically be anything BUT Rap. Rap makes my ears bleed.
My favorite genre is Dancehall, its a really great genre of music, with very energetic beat and tempo. Anyways other than that i love all music there is no music that exists today that, i don't like.
Hip hop, rap and pop. All of those are nice.

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