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MyBB Theme: pro.Green
pro.Green Info

pro.Green is a dark, professionally sleek theme for MyBB 1.6. My first MyBB theme. All images made in Photoshop and customization done by me fully.


Download link:

Install Instructions:
My first MyBB theme. All images made in Photoshop and customization done by me fully.

Install Instructions:
1. Upload the proGreen folder to your ./images/ directory
2. Upload pro.Green-theme.xml in your Admin Control Panel
3. Activate the theme


4. In FTP, browse to ./inc/languages/english/global.lang.php
5. Remove these two lines:

    a. $l['welcome_open_buddy_list'] = "Open Buddy List";
    b. $l['welcome_current_time'] = "<strong>Current time:</strong> {1}";

For support or comments, please post in this thread. Thanks.
Not a huge fan of the background. It's alright though. Personally, I prefer working with light themes. Images and text seems to be easier to manage and the colour schemes are usually easier to come by.
It looks similar to many of the themes already made out there, but I still see an unchanged blue down arrow in the combo box selector in the bottom right. If this is your first attempt though it's decent Smile
Nah that arrow is my Windows 7 Theme, however I do have an issue in that section. How do I change the font color? I went through every stylesheet, each individual id/class and cannot figure it out!

Thanks for the comments, as well.
I've done it before. I think it inherits the colour from another template. That or you need to fudge around with the JavaScript files. Can't remember. I'll look into it later.
I think it may be the javascript or language files because CSS doesn't control that one afaik.
Assuming this a some kind of drug related theme by the way the word "grass" is.

Or not?
No haha, grass is green and stuff so you know.
I sorta like it Smile
Would love to see it when its completed!
[Image: IYOy9.png]
Woah looking pretty sexy!
would you be interested in designing a theme like this for dark coding?
[Image: image.php]

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