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Geek Squad | New Leader | Now Recruiting
All groups were deleted.
[Image: QRCjW2pNdRK00.gif]
Hopefully there will be future groups.
Name:  Klingon
Age: 18
Link to SF Tutorials you have made: I have only made 2 since I got back (Same day as I am writing this post, but I am going to be putting up new tutorials every single day.
Will you be willing to post in our subforum twice a day?: I'll make 4 posts a day.
Why should you be accepted to the Geek Squad above other applicants?: I have a wide range of knowledge, and I'm continuously learning as I am getting my degree in Information Technology.
Why do you want to join the Geek Squad?: It fits with my character and personality, plus I worked with Geek Squad at Best Buy over the summer (I know it's not the same).
Will you set examples for other SF members to follow?: I will try to be an excellent role model and contribute as much as I can to the community.

EDIT: Just read that all groups were deleted. Perhaps you can save this for if there comes a time groups are allowed again. 

Klingon out.  Superman
I'm back on SupportForums after a 5 year hiatus.
Not many posts you are going to make per day!

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