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web desing section?
it would be cool to have a section based on web design in the coding section.

and maybe an option so you can choose web designer where you can say what coding languages you know?

thanks guys ^__^
Was added a little bit ago. Look at the bottom of the forum listing ;).
thats for reviewing sites not the coding in general
Well there is php and databases in the programming section.
what about HTML, XTML,CSS, javascript, flash?
I didn't say I didn't agree just, trying to point you in some areas until Omni gets to them ;).
haha thanks ^__^
Yes I am still constructing the Webmaster Support area.
Superman I am here to rescue you.
This is Support Forums not Support PMs.  Do not PM me for support unless it's private and site related.
It was said that other languages would probably be added in the future.
ok thanks ^__^ this thread has been answered for the mods reading this mind closing it?

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