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Nintendo: A Sad Story
This animation is totally mental but its actually quite well put together.
Let me know what you guys think. Smile

"This excellent horror short feature’s a depressed Mario in a Hostel-esque world where Nintendo has abandoned him."

That was indeed sad. I didn't really understnd what the gloves were all about, but it wasn't completely horrible. I think its an interesting short story Big Grin.
I don't get it, that was just, I don't even, wow.

Do you watch these often Fragma? This is the second one I've seen you post, I don't get them?
I have to watch them, I'm an animator, it's part of my research modules.
If you watch it, the storyline is actually quite obvious.
It's Super Mario who has been abandoned and held prisoner by his creator, due to the fact that the Wii is taking over and leaving him in the dark. Mario poisons his creator, but then when his creator saves his life after realising what he was doing, Mario feels guilty so kills himself.

How and where do you find these things?
I find them on different blogs and animation websites. This one in particular was found through clicking a link on David O'Reilly's website.
There's freakier stuff there.
For example:
Wow. I don't even know what to say after watching that.
The first one was strange, but at least it had an understandable story line... this second one.... I don't even know what to say.
Haha. Loved the first one, not too sure about the second though.
Lol dude, the first one Is epic. I don't like the second but I bookmarked the first one.
Goes for a while but definitely worth watching It If you're hella bored.
Thanks for the share.

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