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[Extra Security]How to change Admin CP directory
Well this is a must-do for all the MyBB forum owners in order to protect their Forums being hacked. I had many forums, which were recently hacked due to less security. Changing the Admin CP directory gives you extra security. This is because if someone hacks your Administrator password, then they will need your admin CP directory link to login. And if they dont know the Admin CP directory link, then they wont be able to harm your forum. Ok so lets get started with the tutorial.

Let's say you wanted to change it from /admin/ to /iamsecured/


$config[admin_dir] = admin;
You then need to simply change 'admin' to what you want:

$config[admin_dir] = iamsecured;
Finally, go to your Cpanel and rename /admin/ to /iamsecured/

The above step is very important, you must remember to change the directory name!

You should now remove the admin control panel links from the whole forum to prevent anyone from finding the new link. To do this:

Go to your Cpanel again.


$config['hide_admin_links'] = 0;

And change it to:

$config['hide_admin_links'] = 1;

Now you are secure enough. Leave a feedback if you found it helpful.

Looks good thanks for making it so easy to understand. Last time I tried to edit this I didn't do the 2nd step and I messed it up. I am afraid to try it again, but I'm saving the link until I can test it out with some supervision.
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You should add quotes to strings and use the [php] tag:
PHP Code:
$config['admin_dir'] = 'iamsecured'

To keep secret that directory, I add that you should NEVER click on external links (like plugin author's site) from the Admin CP.
The link to your ACP is sent to that site via the referral header and is no longer secret.
As a plugin author, I can tell you!

If you want to visit plugin author's site, you should copy link URL and past it in a new tab.

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