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TechLifeForum QuickLink v1.0 - Chrome Extension (Developed by Ace)
I created a chrome extension for easily accessing our forum. My first extension so I didn't do a lot with it, but I already find it pretty useful on my SRware Iron.

This is the about page on installation:
[Image: iFjfTnJEaaCeT.png]

[Image: ibj51MmsGQRPVu.png]


Quote:How to Install?

1) Open extensions window in chrome
2) Just drag and drop the file anywhere in the extensions area
3) Click "Install"

Enjoy Smile
Just finished the basics for a Firefox version of this, i'm thinking on coming out with a really nice plugin that will benefit people outside of my forum community as well, as a general use plugin for everyone to enjoy Smile Firefox addons are a lot more complex than google chrome extensions though, and right now i'm getting all of the icons and css ready. I have to repack everything inside of the package in a jar file to make things quicker too still.
You may want to update this thread if it still works?

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