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Are Ipads worth the money?
Are Ipads really worth the money?

£500 is alot I think.
I would just get an iPhone instead.
To me, an iPad is just a big iTouch with a few more features.
Like Rage said, I would also prefer an iPhone.
yeah the IPAD isn't worth it at all... if you can get one for free then get one.. but otherwise, it's just an oversized Ipod Touch.
Get one off ebay, I enjoy mine Big Grin
IMO I think its worth it if you have spare $$$
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iPad isn't worth Ban O.P. if you really Want an tablet get samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Dont even think about stealing my avatar!!!!.
I really wouldn't choose an iPad over iPhone, iPhone is just a smaller version. As an iPad you must carry around in a backpack etc..
i would prefer a iphone then a ipad plus iphone is cheaper
500 is a lot for an oversized iPod but there are benefits to the iPad such as the large screen for browsing and the 3G compatibility.
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to buy a used one yes, but to buy a new one, no... They are pretty awesome, but not worth like 600$ lol


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