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Photography Forum
I recently noticed that there is no proper forum for discussing photography or images or cameras. I'd personally like to see something like this because I am really into photography and I couldn't find anywhere to discuss it.

Tell me what you think.
I think for now you would be fine posting your photography work in the Graphic Design section. Reason for this is, although it would be nice for it to have its own section, it wouldn't be popular enough.

As for discussing cameras, I'm guessing the "Cell Phones, MP3 and PDA Help" would be your best bet.
Well then even an alteration of a boards name would be appropriate so all would know that one of those sections above is suitable for discussion about photography at least.
Maybe this would be good in the graphic design sub section?
[Image: theprotector.jpg]
(08-14-2011, 01:09 PM)Fruitella Wrote: Maybe this would be good in the graphic design sub section?

That would also work. That way they wouldn't need a whole board.
i was woundering the same thing i have many photos i want to share
Can I get some more opinions from other members and possibly the staff?

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