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Your Favourite Hacking/Security/Fraud Movie?
I liked Firewall. I watched it two times and decided that it was quite decent. It has fraud, hacking, and a lot of action including attempted escapes. It's a pretty old movie dating some years back, but I can still remeber the movie. Which is a lot more than I ca say about most movies.
So this thread got bumped.... So I will use the opportunity to state my views...

First things first, about Operation Takedown, this Move is based on a true story, however, the storyline of the movie is actually fictional, this documentary will reveal you more about the true story of Kevin David Mitnick.

I personally like Hackers 1 and 2, even though Hackers had all this impossible things in it, it did used these 3D animations of hacking into a system, to show the viewer an image of how a Hacker might see this world, and that's the whole point of the 3d effects, based on the manifesto by The Mentor. Operation Takedown, was an amazing Movie I must say, even better then it's predecessor more action, real hacking, etc... I love them both, but the 3rd I haven't seen yet, as I can recall there was a 3rd part...

Matrix, this movie is amazing, it is not a movie about hackers, it just happened that Hackers suited the storyline most, and the storyline just basically explains a Computer, Viruses (Smith), Firewalls (Agents), etc... I think you know where this is going...

Die Hard 4.0, it didn't really have that much hacking but anway, it's Die Hard, it doesn't matterwhat really happens in the movie, as they all rock...

My real favorite Hacker related movie is simply, Password Swordfish. The hacking in this Movie is just like in Hackers, 3D animation, etc... The Storyline however is amazing, and you have to love John Travolta and Hugh Jackman, both really great actors if you ask me.

One point O (Paranoia 1.0), well I just can't find the right words to describe this Movie, only one that I have in mind now would be, freakin AWESOME OMFG....

There are a lot of good moves on this subject, so I could continue t type until my fingers start to bleed... I'll just stop here and write down only names of the remaining ones....

Antitrust (must see), Revolution OS (docu on Linux), Sneakers (fun to watch), The Lawnmower Man (if you into hacking with horror mix, lol), Untraceable (really good story) and finally Gamer (amazing movie)...
the new die hard is pretty good. you should see it
Social Network has hacking in it

one of my favs Smile
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(09-24-2011, 04:39 AM)magic Wrote: Social Network has hacking in it

one of my favs Smile

That movie has to be about as "dumb" as Chainmail or whatever that movie was called... I'll try to find a trailer for it, really stupid plot in my opinion.

Law Abiding Citizen, not sure if it counts, but it definently should.
Radix From HF
The international is mine.

Can barely remember what its about, but i do remember that it was an awesome, captivating movie. I highly reccomend it,
It's alright - Mainly a kids movie for anyone about 15 or under. I preferred Hackers 1 and Hackers 2 - Really got me into computers, that and my father, but I liked how it explored the deeper concepts of computing. It was a deeper concept for me at the time anyway. (Number 2 is more modern with Social Engineering and Phone Phreaking. Still, quite old.)
Never seen hackers 2. Is it as good as hackers 1 ?
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My favorite hacking movie is sword fish and Italian Job.But one of the my best movie ever is Italian job.In this movie nice robbery with the hacking.

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