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If you need a site to watch movies.
Go to

They have every movie possible....Usually.
If you need to find one that's not on there google " Project Free Tv"
#3 FTW. It's amazing.
I was looking for something like this last night. Not a fan of having to register, but I guess that's a small price to pay. Will give this a shot tonight, thanks for sharing.
There are way better video watching sites than this one. Thanks op though.
Offering Help To Whoever Needs It <3
(07-01-2011, 06:09 PM)WhiteHatCrew Wrote: If you need to find one that's not on there google " Project Free Tv"

That's the one I use. They don't have very many movies, but they've got a lot of TV shows. I like that they link you to a site that has the movie when they don't.

It is a decent movie site.

They have new movies all the time.
Thanks for this, but I tend to download movies instead because it uses a similar amount of bandwidth, but I can save it and watch it again whenever I want.
I personally use

Most of these sites that host movies generally have the same content though.
Haa, I never realized how many different sites are dedicated to this. I personally use

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