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I'm thinking about learning PHP, but what do I need to know?

I heard that I need to know HTML, but learning stuff like Javascript would make it easier.

Thanks in advanced!
To learn PHP, you will not need to have any kind of knowledge in topics such as JavaScript or HTML.
PHP is used on the Server-Side, and to work with it you only need PHP (enabled Server), Server is optional, required if you will program dynamic websites.

However, when working with PHP, you will mostly access, read and display data, where HTML comes in play, tough it is not really needed.
HTML is used to give your output of the PHP scripts some structure, while JavaScript is mostl used to make the pages act more like an desktop application.

If you want to really learn how to develop websites, I recommend starting at the easiest point, which would be HTML. You can learn HTML really fast, if you really want to "learn". Once you got HTML, start with CSS, after CSS you are free to choose your own path, PHP or JavaScript it doesn't matter.

Again, PHP works fine without any other language or anything of that kind, to let PHP output data in shape and form that the user can understand it, you will use HTML.

Sart here,
Get Advanced,
Learn to Style,

The 3 articels above should give you an introduction into HTML and CSS, actually enough to start learning PHP... ;) when this is not enough just use google...
( )
im learn php right now to

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