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The Human Centipede
I didn't like how the movie basically centered around the house the whole time. It got boring, in my opinion. I didn't like the ending either.

Pretty ironic you make this thread, I was actually reading in the newspaper today that the sequel, 'the human centipad 2' has been completely banned from the UK by the british film board of directors. This just makes me wanna see it even more but I ain't seen the first one and by the sounds of it I don't want too ?!
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I started watching it, but I stopped it a few minutes in. :S
Just realized I said 'Centipad' I got that from the South Park parody lol, okay I'm definitely not going to watch that movie.
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Kids love it says HMV.

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I have actually seen this movie. My friends all watched it and to be honest it was the worst 7 dollars I have spent buying a movie on demand. The acting was a joke...the plot was a joke the only funny part is the ending when they are all attached to each other ass to mouth. Funny cause its so unrealistic
Haven't watched it. I watched a preview of it and it looks like the most pointless movie ever. Who wants to see a movie of people getting their mouths attached to others assholes? Rubber looks more entertaining then this movie.
One of the most disgusting movies I ever seen. What has to be going through your head to make sick, twisted crap like this. Very disturbing and disgusting. Wish I didn’t watch it.
It's nice seeing all of the great reviews everyone has to offer.

Motivates me to watch it and join in on the fun.
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