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Newest Rap Mix (2011)
Here's a new rap/oldstyle rap track that me and a friend put together. I wrote the lyrics, and the mixing was mostly done by my friend, I fixed together the instrumental and he rapped. This is a bit different than modern rap styles, but to me after listening to it a few times over and over through the editing and re-editing I think we got it pretty good. Hope you like it
I thought it was pretty good to be honest. Maybe you should try and get yourselves into the grime scene ;).
[Image: sinaturee.png]
You really did a good job on this, it does give the feeling like I'm listening to some of the Old School rappers. Lyrics are not really aggressive as real Old School, but I love them. Big Grin
Your friend is not just Lyrically Anonymous, but he also has a talent, though bit Practice would be good for him....

You keep it up with writing, and tell him to keep rapping, I would buy an Album that has this song featured...
That was awesome mate Thumbsup
The beat was really good and the lyrics really did remind me of the oldstyle rap days Smile
Your friend was good, though he could use a little more practice. But then again, don't we all? Unsure
thanks for all of the compliments, I'll keep producing with him and come out with some newer stuff soon. We both take it as a hobby so it won't stop anytime too soon.

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