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Something you might want to try
This is something that I think would be helpful for someone new to programming in general. Programming can be an overwhelming thing to learn. I'm new to it as well, but I'm learning Java in school so I know how bad it sucks starting out. This program will teach you how to program in Ruby. It might seem very simple for experienced programmers which is why I'm recommending it to beginners. I'm not the creator of this product nor am I advertising it. I think it could possibly help someone out, plus it's completely free.

You can download it here: http://hackety-hack.com/download
You can also find more information about it on www.hackety-hack.com

[Image: 236D6C1BC04C75C6D2E0000BD41E69BB.png]
I don't know Ruby and I'm not trying to learn it, but this seems like a nice program for new coders.
I'm currently learning Ruby, I'll give it a try thanks.
Someone with no history is nothing but suspicious.
Thanks for the share. I'll give this a try and pass it on to my brother. Ill post back how we like it. Thanks again.

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