Poll: Do you like black people?
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2 100.00%
Hell No
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Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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Do you like
Do you like black people?
[Image: Nyan.jpg]
Bit random, I just treat them like any other so yes?
Also all the ones I know are very funny. Big Grin
[Image: burninglove4.png]
What a pointless thread.

You shouldn't like or dislike someone because of the colour of their skin...

So their isn't a yes or no answer to this.
There are Black People... w0w... o.O
I'm skin-color blind, every single person is has the right to be heard, if I don't like their philosophy or their Morals... I just disagree and that's it....
Like I'm going to do it with you OP, in case you hate them.

I'm not even going to vote to this senseless poll you created, this Topic is way to old....

Welcome to the 2011, by the way...
I never said I dislike them.
I do not care about the skin color as well.

People are mad in this thread Big Grin
[Image: Nyan.jpg]

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