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Extacy Gamers
[Image: GamersCrew.png]
Who are the 'Extacy Gamers' And what is the point?
We , as 'Extacy's Gamers' , Seek adrenaline in every action packed game possible. Whether you play on ps3, Xbox, Wii, Or computer. What we do is find glitches, kill people, and enjoy the adrenaline.

Crew Leader(s): Ex Revolution
Crew Moderator(s): None.


Must be online often.
Must have atleast one console with online play.
Can bring some sort of gaming knowledge to the community.
Must have 50+ Posts.

[color=#00BFFF]Country:[/color] ( For time Zone )
[color=#FFD700]Major Gaming Skills:[/color] ( What we look for most )
[color=#FFD700]What can you bring to this group?:[/color]
[color=#FFD700]What Console Do you Use?: [/color]
[color=#FFD700]Why do you want to join The Gamers?:[/color]
[color=#00BFFF]MSN: ( Dont need ):[/color]


Extacy Gaming is a group where we all get together, show and teach and discuss games. Anything Can be talked about. Ranging from, cheating, glitches, etc etc..

Please contact me here if you have any questions at all regarding the crew and or applying.
You must have 500 post in order to start a group.
[Image: angelsig.jpg]

Not when your trying to make an unofficial one.
Unofficial or not Omni requires 500 posts.
[Image: angelsig.jpg]

You sound like a e-gangster, 'Extacy gamers' lmfao..
Please read this thread. You do not currently meet the requirements needed in order to create a group here at Support Forums.

When you reach 500 posts, please PM me and I'll reopen this thread for you. Until then, thread closed.
[Image: 3326yvl.jpg]

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