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New Project
Ok what do you guys think I should do? I have a 91' FoxBody Mustang I have been restoring for a a few years and I have invested $6,000+. Whatever the new project I decide to do will also be for my Senior Project. All I can think of is maybe rebuilding the block or putting a t-5 trans in it.
Reasoning for doing those is because:
1. Engine has high miles + running 13ibs boost. "Sorta risky"
2. Currently using AOD with BBk Shift kit + SuperChip shifting times.

You should definitely rebuild the block, but I wouldn't suggest putting in a t-5, IMO. Also, if the engine has high miles on it, then why are you running 13 pounds boost? That will screw up your engine so bad.
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Agree with null, rebuilding the block is the best approach
Rebuild it first of all. Also if you drive it quite often, i would atleast lower it down to 8lbs... Thats a pretty safe limit.
Rebuild the block, it needs a lot of work.
I forgot I even made this post, but I have done some work since the OP.

302 short block "same one with high miles lol"
Forged Pistons
World Class T5
70mm Twin Turbo's "9ibs boost"
#42ib Injectors
MSD 6AL/8.5 Solid Wires/MSD Coil & Distributor
Stock Gears "2.73"
GT40 Cobra Intake
B303 Cam
255 In-tank
Selling the turbos and swapping over to Kenne Bell Supercharger.

Bad News: Did end up blowing a head gasket after 4-5k miles "not something to be surprised about with 20 y.o gaskets, but in a way im happy. Pulling the engine, cleaning up all the electricals, Kenne Bell Blower. Another load of cash out of my wallet lol.

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