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Welcome to Support Forums
No worries Sam, You're the Man! Haha.
Cute little tutorial. I like how you can post in the Emotional Support anonymously.
This has now been placed into the Welcome mat and stickied for future reference. If you think something should be added or have further questions then just reply here or send me a PM. Thank you.
good rule list for all new members Smile
Thanks for the thread, as a new member to SF I found it really informative, it's the first thing that caught my eye as I entered the introductions area. My only criticism would be the text colouring, some of them don't compliment the background, try use fresh web 2.0 style colouring. Pinks, Lime Green's and Sky Blue's are nice. Overall great guide though, thank you.
Thanks for your suggestions Promo, I tried to make every section a different coulour and I simply started to run out of colours that look "nice" but I will consider changing the colours as you suggested.
Nice explanation, by the looks of it, you must of spent some time writing that.
I feel glad to be a member of this forum, hope everything works out well!
Thanks for the feedback Messy, I'm glad you liked it.
Nice tutorial Sam!
[Image: 2pzmq21.png]
Thanks for this, I am new here. I am now aware of the rules.

Thanks again, I appreciate it.
"I'm not slacking off... my code it compiling"

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