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Pet Lovers [Recruiting!]
So is it "Pet Lovers" or "Animal Lovers" ? Tongue
[Image: Z95Xp.png]
I have 2 cats, tons of fish, a gerbil and I had a hamster but it died. I am active and I'm active in the pets section too. I will start to post pictures of my animals if I get accepted into this group. Thank You!
I love animals! with animals they love you unconditionally- no matter what- my dog is my best friend and i dont know what i would do without her!
I would love to be in a group like this.
(09-05-2013, 10:54 PM)Grin Wrote: I would love to be in a group like this.

Too bad it's not active anymore. Sad
[Image: logo_darkbg.png]
Really good Threat.
I love dog and want to join with this group.
i want to join in this group. i will get transpire little bit knowledg of animal.
How can I join this group? I need to know that.

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