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12 Hours Downtime
I had a big fight with the datacenter today. For whatever reason our server was down they were unresponsive. An attack did occur early this morning but it appears to have caused a server error. The real problem is that I rebooted server and apparently their control panel didn't do it. So server was locked up all day. I had not even known this. And they didn't respond to my ticket for 4 hours and when they did they said "we will look into this for you" and 2 hours passed until I had to start another ticket going off about inaction. Eventually after getting a capable tech and figuring out the reboot didn't actually work we got back online.

We still didn't find the exact cause of the problem but server is apparently good to go now. I've done a few backups and made kernel adjustments hoping to avoid future downtime but if we do I'm likely to move this site to another host.

I'm sorry we were down all day. It ruined me afternoon and wasted a production day for me. I'm rather ticked off.
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I thought you weren't paying as much attention to it as HF or something, but it confused me because you said this is one of your favorite forums.

Downtime is fine, running as if it's a new foruma again, it's been a while.
Glad you've got it all solved, good job Omniscient.
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I'd be pissed, I hate shitty tech support.

Good thing you got it all cleared up though.
Ever need a backup server for such problems then let me know mate.
Always would be on offer to you free.
Glad to see SF back. I cant tell you how many times i hit the refresh button.
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Glad its back up i kept loading this and loading nothing worked.
Looks all good now.
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I thought it was just my connection, because even before that, this site ran a bit slow for me, for some reason. What host are we using anyway ?
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It was down at first, then It came back on and loaded really slowly. I thought some HF member was DDOSing it.
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I'm glad to see Support Forums back up and running.

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