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{bug} Small adjustment needed.
The text on the top for the search, memberlist, contact us, and help buttons look misaligned.

[Image: 70715713.png]

[Image: 77827077.png]

It shouldn't be to hard to fix.
All fine for me. What screen resolution are you using?
[Image: Lj]
I think that may be a browser compatibility issue as I do not seem to have the same bug. What browser? and what model?
Browser: Firefox 3.5.3
Screen Resolution: 1680 x 1050
hmm, so am I..... screen res?
Its my screen res I moved the window to my smaller screen and it looks fine.
Excellent Smile
but it still may be a good idea to set the alignment with percentages so it looks the same on all screens.
Different People Different Screen Resolutions

In my system it is correct
[Image: 2d75599e9a.png]:superman:

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