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Geek Squad [Now Recruiting]
Height fixed, I like the green but here's all the others:
[Image: GeekSquad2.png]
[Image: GeekSquadBlue.png]
[Image: GeekSquadOrange.png]
[Image: GeekSquadPurple.png]
[Image: GeekSquadYellow.png]

I also like the yellow a lot.
If I were you I would go for yellow. Green doesn't stand out enough.
Green and yellow are the best. I like green the most.
Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
If Omni will let me use the green that's in the background then I think I'll use it, because the green that is currently in the userbar is a bit dark.
lol I'm not sure which one looks best.
If Omniscient lets you use the blue in the icon I think that would look the best.
[Image: burninglove4.png]
Well i want to be in the group i am geek for sure.
I am very good student studying in prestigious college.

But why the requirements are so high Sad
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]
Maybe you will get accepted, we need 10 members to make it a group.
Then maybe when we become a group the requirements can come into place.
It's all upto Nemmyy.
[Image: burninglove4.png]
The yellow fits in with SFs layout. Good luck. Smile
Hmm lets see what nemmy decides.
I think i will get into this.
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]
I think I'll lower the requirements until I get the 10. From what I understand I don't have to accept all 10 though, not 100% sure. Either way, welcome Pink Floyd and -[i]Dzire-™

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