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The Shirt You're Wearing is Now Your Superpower
I'm wearing a camouflage jacket.
Guess I'm the ultimate soldier.
[Image: 58iH.gif]
I''m wearing a longsleeve plain black shirt.

What is my power?
Hm, now I'm wearing a blue SJSU sweater.
Quote:I'm wearing a longsleeve plain black shirt.

You are a ninja of the shadows. Ninja

Quote:Hm, now I'm wearing a blue SJSU sweater.

You are a modern Spartan. (did a quick Google search of the mascot) Whistle
[Image: 3djdbar2notglowing.png]
(04-03-2011, 07:44 AM)Skill Wrote: You could be "The Punisher" -

I'm currently wearing a T-Shirt with "23" on the front. I have no idea how I can adapt that to superpowers.

[Image: michael_jordan.jpg]
My shirt has Megaman on it and 4 other villains. So I guess that means I'm a super nerd?
[Image: 236D6C1BC04C75C6D2E0000BD41E69BB.png]
Today I am wearing an Armani Jeans (AJ) T-Shirt, could someone please envision some form of super powers for me? I'd like to see where this will lead. Smile
[Image: 3326yvl.jpg]

I'm just wearing a thin undershirt, as I am in bed.
So, I got the power of gynecomastia. Know what that is?
Quote:My religion tells me that God made the universe. My science tells me how.

[Image: 034_p16.jpg]
Wear a shirt with a unicorn on it. Smile
I'm not wearing a shirt. So that means I can see through clothing?
Big GrinDD

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