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Mentoring me???
For web coding there's other languages that you should start off with besides Python. Personally I would decide one or the other though, you can't focus on both while trying to learn advanced languages like C++. If you're going to learn as well, and C++ or something similar to it like C is in the mix of things that you want to learn, you can't learn another language over top of trying to learn C++ at the same time.

C++ isn't something like
Ya, IDK.
What you think of the credibility of & ???
A developer, thinker & bliss guy that tries his hardest to enjoy life ~~~
I personally think forums, and experimenting on your own based on documentation base level information that you can read about, is the best way. You're spending more time looking for an easy way out, when really all programming is, is just sitting down and figuring things out on your own. You eventually have to learn things by experimenting around with code anyways to learn. People slow down that process by looking for all these pieces of code to fool around with, when all the information is already available for you to learn how to use functions and the syntax provided, the only difference as I see it though is that learning how to piece them together without looking at someone else's code is the best way anyway.
C# is a very high level language and C++ is on the lower level languages. So this jump should be pretty interesting. Good luck!
Back from my travels, I've learned more & I am gonna be stepping into the OS design with everything. I'm planning on working off of the Linux OS, developing my own & also modifying my whole droid with Droid's latest version.
A developer, thinker & bliss guy that tries his hardest to enjoy life ~~~
Hello I think mentoring would be cool cause a inexperienced person could learn a lot from someone who is more experienced some people learn better that way that why skilled trades pay so much in American or any society that's kind how coding is in a aspect of it some people don't have the patients and prefer to learn hands on could benefit from a mentor program.ThumbsupVictoire

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