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nice service for devs - Roisen - 07-14-2017

Hi there!
I'd like to recommend you decent service provided by which resells digitalocean hosting accepting bitcoins and other on a hourly billing terms.
They have cool deals suitable for those who want to pay with BTC.
Their service is very useful and I hope it will help you.

RE: nice service for devs - Enteros - 07-26-2017

I can say will satisfy any webmasters need if they are looking for digitalocean hosting but with the ability to pay in Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin, their packages are delivered in minutes.

RE: nice service for devs - Schamp - 08-01-2017

According to my experience is service provider with good reputation. As I see you can get their service for like a couple hours just to test something like app or website how it works, that's cool as for me.

RE: nice service for devs - Krator - 08-10-2017

I'd like to admit that service is trustworthy. They are offering attractive solutions for lots of professionals and have nice terms.