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Advertising? - Omniscient - 11-18-2009

Should I do another PM blast at HF? I was thinking it to be a good idea since we are now more established with categories and layout. The site is doing well but it's slowing down slightly. I'd like to see a boost in traffic and activity that we can hopefully maintain. I feel we are ready for that.

I might setup awards and some type of contest or giveaway first in anticipation of extra activity.

Any thoughts?

RE: Advertising? - Skawke - 11-18-2009

I don't see why not. You should make it a permanent announcement at HF actually, lol.

RE: Advertising? - R3c0nna1ssanc3 - 11-18-2009

I dont think a PM blast would hurt but I think if you do a mass email you may get a better response.

RE: Advertising? - R3c0nna1ssanc3 - 11-18-2009

(11-18-2009, 06:33 PM)PaNiK Wrote: I think another blast would be a great idea, and maybe you could set up the awards before you send it out? I think that would be another motivator for people to join.

I dont think a little icon by your name is a motivator.

RE: Advertising? - Reece - 11-18-2009

I say Pm blast, Mass email, have awards given to whoever refers the most, and a contest would be good.

RE: Advertising? - ktmrider530 - 11-18-2009

That's what i would do, the PM blast. This place is pretty dead.

RE: Advertising? - [nWo] Hulk Hogan - 11-18-2009

a permanent blast would prolly bring in skids asking for crypters
a mass email is the way to go
the idea for awards and contests sounds cool!
good luck Omni

RE: Advertising? - ktmrider530 - 11-18-2009

I'm all for awards, i would like them. Well one for the auto section in particular. I like to feel like i get something for my efforts.

RE: Advertising? - Yoshi - 11-18-2009

I think you should do a PM blast at HF, and an a Email Blast. But, there would probably a few people who join and dont read the rules and will ask for illegal stuff, so You and your team will have to be on the look out.

Also maybe you could have a refferal contest.
EDIT: And rewards would be ok i guess, i would like them.

RE: Advertising? - Grizzly - 11-18-2009

Personally I think hold off on the PM blast. I think you should first do some sort or contest for current members to gain some activity. Then afterwards PM blast and have something else placnned and ready.