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[Suggestion] Welcome back, - Kewlz - 06-29-2011

Username Should be Clickable. Smile

PHP Code:
$lang->welcome_back $lang->sprintf($lang->welcome_backbuild_profile_link($mybb->user['username'], $mybb->user['uid']), $lastvisit); 

Source labrocca.

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - H-Q - 06-29-2011

Yes just like hf man, great suggesstion you got there Thumbsup

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - Kewlz - 06-29-2011

Thanks for support.

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - Pulse - 06-29-2011

You have my support.

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - TeraByTe - 06-29-2011

I like the idea, I actually was wondering how to do this on my site last night!

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - Injection - 06-29-2011

my support is hereSmile

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - Harvey - 06-30-2011

A very minor thing, but would be nice to see.

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - iMario - 06-30-2011

I hope he will do it lol it's his own work.

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - Skill - 06-30-2011

It's not a major priority as it takes just a few seconds longer navigating to your User CP then selecting your username from there. It literally only takes 2 seconds more, if that. Nonetheless, it would be a nice feature to have.

RE: [Suggestion] Welcome back, - Dr.BrokenGod - 06-30-2011

It might even help some members still I use my UCP for anything related with my account!