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Bot Incoming. - Shock - 03-12-2011

[Image: 2a6be2b4c3865b2da25a651a592607b8.png]

Profile link:

Just wanting to get rid of this bot before he goes crazy with PM's and posts...


RE: Bot Incoming. - KillaMuvZ - 03-12-2011

it's not a bot, he's actually pming people with his hands, as he even answered my post.
And yes, kill him, got twice the same pm in 20mins.
If you check the admins siggy on that forum you'll see it was C&P of Omni's sig here.

RE: Bot Incoming. - Untouch - 03-12-2011

I got a similar message too but he isn't a bot. Just trying to recuit people to his forum. Tongue

RE: Bot Incoming. - Peter L - 03-12-2011

PM a staff member, don't put this here.

RE: Bot Incoming. - Ambition - 03-12-2011

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Laugh is correct. I just see no reason for posting your report publicly when it easily could of been handles via PM. Anyway, along with the rest of the forum I do appreciate you making the effort to keep it clean nonetheless! Smile

RE: Bot Incoming. - Solidus - 03-12-2011

I got it.

RE: Bot Incoming. - Ambition - 03-12-2011

(03-12-2011, 10:32 AM)Solidus Wrote: I got it.

Did you forget to close the thread? haha.