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How to become pro in web languages - evilgenius - 12-10-2010

Hello, Ive read a post in about how to become a webmaster, so i decided to learn html and css and now i have learnt html and css but i cant make advance sites, like my styles look cheep and idiot do you know how to make wordpress blog i mean designing and coding is there any website through i can learn everything? w3school tech at basic level

RE: How to become pro in web languages - Spafic - 12-12-2010

Well a wordpress blog uses a lot of database methods and PHP coding... I would look into more of that... W3 is a good start on it, but just look around Google for some better tutorials... Some good ones are on HF.

RE: How to become pro in web languages - kawohidev - 12-12-2010

Creating your own Wordpress theme (aside from installing it) Is as easy as

> Create Design In Photoshop
> Get out the code editor, code your design as a static site (HTML&CSS&JS)
> Install a clean theme in Wordpress
> Put in the static code to make it dynamic

Well, in simple terms thats how you would do it. You would have to study WordPress quite a bit, Learn some PHP. Watch screen-casts and grab some eBooks to read about Wordpress. Once you study on it for a while, its actually easy.

Now to grab a hold on Web Development, and to become "Pro", get your hands dirty and practice. Read a eBook on HTML & CSS and code what you learned so far. Create a Navigation for example after you learned about unordered lists. Don't just read an eBook then read another eBook. Try and do something with the skills you have learned. Practice makes perfect.

Also try and sharpen up on your designing/graphic skills too, that would make w/e you code good as hell.