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RE: SF Webmasters - BlackChaos - 06-05-2011

Nickname / Alias: BlackChaos/HRN
Webmaster knowledge : I judge myself as Advanced. I have had experience building and helping others create their own forums under the phpBB and myBB formats. As of now, my most successful forum to date has 5879 members, although I have handed over Administrator rights to other staff members. Currently, I am a staff member on a fairly new forum which has gained around 300 members over the past month.
I have also created a few blogs and websites over the years.
Why you want to join: I wish to improve upon my knowledge as a Webmaster and hopefully, share my experience and knowledge with others. I would love to learn more about website security, legal issues and tip on how to keep members from losing interest in a website/forum. Tongue

RE: SF Webmasters - Sykez - 06-05-2011

Nickname / Alias: Sykez
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Starter, I know how to install MyBB and I have moderated a few forums. I have yet to start my own forum.
Why you want to join: I wish to learn more about becoming a better webmaster also to discuss tips on b

RE: SF Webmasters - GangForums.Org - 09-24-2011

I am gonna Apply for this after i get the Requirement.

RE: SF Webmasters - Omniscient - 09-26-2011

I wish I did get this group open. Unfortunately OP hasn't been here for a month.

Does anyone else feel they can run this group successfully here?

RE: SF Webmasters - EarthShaker - 09-26-2011

I think I could I do know that I do not post often on these forums but I definitely will i have just found them I am mostly on hackforums.

RE: SF Webmasters - BreShiE - 09-26-2011

It's a shame the OP is no longer active, this seems like an amazing group to be in.

RE: SF Webmasters - Pulse - 09-26-2011

Would be very successful, as well. We'll just have to continue living their lives.

RE: SF Webmasters - MarkW7 - 09-27-2011

There must be someone in these 7 pages that can run it.

RE: SF Webmasters - thespragg - 09-27-2011

Nickname / Alias: Thespragg
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Guru, i own a web design company and own a few forums, i also know PHP and a few other languages
Why you want to join: Because i love being a webmaster, therefore i really want to be in this group

RE: SF Webmasters - Prince - 10-31-2011

I don't have any knowledge on webmaster part Sad
So, I won't be applying for it,Good luck to the team Big Grin