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RE: SF Webmasters - Pineapple - 11-10-2010

Nickname / Alias:Pineapple.
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Somewhere along the lines of an advanced-amateur.
Why you want to join:I would like to join to help others in terms of Web-Development and Web-Mastering(?).

RE: SF Webmasters - MarkW7 - 12-05-2010

Still no group? Sad

RE: SF Webmasters - Reliable - 12-12-2010

Nickname / Alias: kutzki
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): GURU. I am skilled in Upgrading/Downgrading Scripts and Templates. I can Install Forums, Create Rules, I have Master Reseller Hosting account so I can host Web Hosting Accounts and I think I could really help you guys out. I have LOTS of experience with vBulletin
Why you want to join: I think I could be a good addition to your team and I could be of assistance to all that need help.

P.S. I know I don't have the Required posts but on HF, username: kutzki, I have over 200 Posts and 3 Reputation Smile

RE: SF Webmasters - Peter L - 12-19-2010

Nickname / Alias: Laugh
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): I would say advanced. I'm no where near a Guru, though. I've run a lot of forums such as,, and I've also moderated many forums like,, I'm currently working with the board to make it as good as it can be. My other project that is completed and on sale is my eBook titled How to Create a Forum and has been a pretty good success.
Why you want to join:
I think it'd be a great experience and a chance to learn even new things and teach the starts/amateurs.

Thanks for checking out my application. I will have the 50 post requirement by the end of tonight.

RE: SF Webmasters - BizzyX - 01-02-2011

Nickname / Alias: BizzyX Bizzy Biz (any of those)
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): I'm Advanced/Guru with vBulletin but ~Amateur with MyBB but at least I can install both of them :p
I know sufficient html to edit pages
And I'm currently working on an upcoming forum
Why you want to join: I'd like to join a group of insightful webmasters.
I'd like to help and be helped. I feel this group is/will become successful in all we do.
Thank you and have a happy new year.

RE: SF Webmasters - Project- - 01-02-2011

Nickname / Alias: Money Maker* , ex revolution
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Advanced
Why you want to join: I want to join because i know a lot in forum / website making. I have a decent amount of experience in Mybb, and Smf. , ,

All of those are mine except bullzye. I'm moderator on bullzye. I've been staff on a bunch of forums and websites, though , i get bored sometimes , and resign. (This is not an everytime thing )

RE: SF Webmasters - Xypher - 01-30-2011

Nickname / Alias: Xypher
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Amateur
Why you want to join: I want to further my knowledge in being a web master. I have staffed and admined for many forums, but I was never the owner up until a week ago when I started my own forum. I want to learn better SEO techniques and just in general how to be a good owner.

RE: SF Webmasters - Peter L - 03-13-2011

Can we get this accepted? Or did the OP not pm Omni?


RE: SF Webmasters - Matt G - 03-13-2011

Nickname / Alias: Matt G
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Between Advanced and Guru
Why you want to join: I would like to join because I have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to websites, and have been working with them for over 2 years. I would like to help others when it comes to websites.

RE: SF Webmasters - Shock - 03-20-2011

Can this become an official group yet? Sad